Thursday, May 28, 2009

Candle Making for Fun or Profit

Candle making has virtually exploded onto the scene in recent years, as people have flocked to the craft as a hobby or with the desire to sell their handmade candles for profit.

Most people tend to gravitate toward candle making as they begin to realize just how much money they spend on candles. While learning the craft takes an investment of both time and money, it can be time well spent as it is easily achievable to make your own candles that are of comparable, if not better quality, than what is already available in the mass marketplace.

There are many reasons people burn candles: as air fresheners, to set a certain mood, for religious purposes, as a source of light, even as a tool to sell houses. And with the wide variety of candles available today such as container candles, pillar candles, gel candles, natural wax candles and candle tarts, there is bound to be a candle making specialty that appeals to anyone looking to have some fun with a new hobby or to grow a hobby into a substantial, thriving business.

The candle industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The demand for candles is huge, and more and more people are beginning to look to candle making as a fun hobby, or as a way to supplement or entirely replace their income. Making candles part-time and selling them at various local craft shows or through local retailers is an excellent way to earn some extra cash.

For those individuals looking to take a more substantial leap into the craft, and perhaps even leave their current job, there are numerous ways to do so. Some candle makers wholesale candles to other retailers all over the country. Others set up their own websites and sell their candles at retail from an online store. Still others make their fortunes by primarily promoting their candles through fundraisers held by non-profit organizations.

While some people do see candles as a way to earn a living, others are choosing to continue their candle making activities purely as a hobby. There is much enjoyment in creating the perfect candle. By making your own candles, you can create candles designed specifically for your own personal tastes.

Maybe you prefer natural wax to paraffin wax and have a hard time finding natural wax candles. Now you can make your own. Maybe you can never find your favorite scent in a color you like. Not a problem. You can simply make some for yourself in any scent or color you desire. If you are truly a candle lover, learning to make your own candles can be personally rewarding - and a lot of fun!

Whatever your ultimate goals may be in making your own candles, it is a craft worth learning to do right. There are many books on the subject and the internet is filled with helpful hints, tips and resources. Dive in, dig deep and you will be amazed by the fantastic candles you can create. And the best part is, you get to say that you made them yourself.

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