Friday, May 15, 2009

100% Beeswax Sheet Candle Kit

This 100% beeswax sheet candlemaking kit has everything you need to make your first rolled candles! Kit includes: 1 Book, "Honey Wax: Rolling Beeswax Candles", 1 10 yard pack of 1/0 Square Raw Wick, and 10 beeswax sheets in a variety of colors and patterns.

Product Metrics:

Weight: 2.00 lbs. Height: 7"
Length: 10" Width: 17"

100 Beeswax Sheet Candle Kit - $ 36.18

From: Bagmo Family Enterprises

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  1. Hi,

    I find this article helful when I first start creating candles on my own.Use to be just for fun, but now I´m earning and at the same time enjoying what I do.

    Hope that article helps you too as it did for me.