Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tips And Advice On How To Start Candle Making

The history of candle making goes back in time; candles have been archaeologically authenticated to around the year 3000 BC, this means more than 5000 years ago. At first candle making had a religious and a practical side. Candles were the only source of light at night. In terms of religion candles have an important part, especially in Christianity where they are omnipresent in all churches. In the ancient times only the richest people could afford candles.Things have changed over time, in the 18th century candles were common in every home, the difference between those used by the rich and the poor was the quality and type of the material used in candle making. The wealthy families used beeswax made candles, this type didn’t have such an unpleasant smell, in fact it wasn’t unpleasant at all. The cheap candles were made of animal fat, they smelt terrible when burnt, even the manufacturer workshops for candles were built outside towns because of the smell they gave away.

First steps in making candles:

The first thing you must do for candle making is get all the things and supplies from your kitchen that will help you in getting started. Before boiling wax you must consider reading some safety advice: buy quality wax, poor quality material can react very different to heating, use safety gloves and some face protection if you consider it necessary. If you intend to create scented candles be careful not to inhale strong essences because they can give you headaches or more serious problems.

After getting all the things that you consider helpful in your candle making task, you must set up your working area, at first place newspapers or butcher paper all around the surface you intend to use, this will help you when the job is finished and you need a fast cleanup. Also keep some towels or anything similar just in case the paper you placed on the working area is not enough and you need a fast cleanup of some surface. After setting the place up for work you just need to follow the instructions for making a certain candle, be careful not to pour wax on your skin because it can be very painful.

Why making candles at home?

Many of you may wonder why someone would make their candles when it is far easier, nicer and more comfortable and to simply buy them. Yes, making candles is not a job for someone to take over night, it’s a hobby that many find very captivating. If you check the forums you will find many discussions on how candle making can be personalized and why so many people take pleasure in it.

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